This Summer, Our art center brought some new Summer camp programs. In July, we had two different language camps, Spanish & Japanese. Our campers enjoyed experiencing different culture through food, art, music and other activities. Language is a powerful tool to communicate with people from other side of the world. Our center has a great mix of people from different backgrounds. It is a great opportunity for young children to start learning languages early on! We are very proud of our students trying their very best to learn foreign languages!


Also, we had art camps in the month of August. Our art campers worked on several different projects. Some of their favorite activities were fuse beads, crayon candle making, polymer clay, shrinky dinks, dream catcher making, water color painting, and cardboard box fort making! They had an art sale in the end of their camp and sold some of their handmade crafts! Our Summer campers really enjoyed being with other children and got to be creative together! It is very important for young children to explore & be a part of fun creative process. Some children are more expressive than others but Art is always a great outlet for anyone to express their creative energies. We hope our campers had a great time here at our art center!!!
Thank you very much for sending your children to our center this Summer! Each one of them was very special and we had an awesome Summer!