Connect To The World And Helping Others

Miyoung taught dance to the actors and we are glad that we continue to work with this great and well-known Korean artist group.
Mr. Bak (poet) started this cultural non-profit organization in Korea.

The greatest artists, politicians, celebrities, scholars have got together and helped people all over the world.

We truly want you to know them how wonderfully they are willing to and sincerely help the world.

We are honored to be a member of the organization.

A group that studies and helps people to use the Korean language correctly and properly.
We belong to this group and have learned a lot to educate the Korean language to our students.


Covid-19 has not left us yet, but we do know there are a lot of people who are willing to help others without any compensation.
We believe that you know the Holt organization. A small amount of money can help one child today. We are very thankful for this opportunity.

We are now helping especially Myanmar. Please, think about and help the country. One month ago, their peace was invaded by the military insurrection. Proudly they made their democracy only 5years ago, and it had been destroyed by the military. We can still save them!  We are helping the country through those organizations now. International Rescue Committee (headquarter is in NYC)

Stossel in the Classroom is committed to helping educators bring better education to our school systems. We believe that by bringing a balanced approach to subjects like economics, government, and current events, we can help the next generation become better caretakers of society.