About The Arts Center For All

In 2009, we started teaching and sharing music in the Cotswold area of Charlotte, NC.  Our goal was to expand our facility to teach dance, art, and cultures from other countries in order to enhance our community.  Providing a community center that anyone can stop by and talk about art, life, books, and more was greatly needed in this community.

We are very blessed to have this opportunity to serve our community on a larger scale. All our teachers and staff cannot be more thankful for all the support we receive. Now, not only you can come and gain new knowledge of the arts, but you can also join the free programs that we prepare for everyone, like tea ceremonies and more.

Mission Statement

  • We are here to help our students to learn the strong principles and fundamentals of Arts, Dance, and Music. Even if it takes a longer time to learn those arts, we do believe our philosophy will help the students in the long term.
  • We train our students to be good performers. Performing in public is a great privilege. We want them to understand the opportunity to improve themselves and serve the community.
  • We teach our students to train their physical bodies to do the arts beautifully. There is no exception, all artists take care of their bodies. A healthy body creates Positive Art!

Our Vision

  1. We want the arts will be people’s lifelong companions. Even though everyone will not be a professional artist, we want our students to be able to enjoy the arts learned from the center throughout their lives.
  2. We want our community to be a culturally enhanced place to live. As people live in that kind of community, they become more understanding and peaceful towards others. We believe our big and small performances make our community an ideal place to live.

Instruments and Disciplines

At The Arts Center For All, we offer different programs and lessons with multiple instruments taught by our experienced teachers:

  •  Dance: Beautiful Art Form, Move your body with the spirit.
  •  Art: Simple drawing will powerfully express who you are.
  •  Piano: It’s a fascinating instrument with which you can create any music.
  •  Violin: For the ones that love classical music.
  •  Flute: The sound and harmonies of this instrument are breath-taking.
  •  Guitar: We have special programs from acoustic to electric guitar.