Community Services

We want everyone to feel at home at our center. We prepared great programs for the community. Yes, you can just come and participate in the programs for yourself!

Miraculous Bow Exercise with Tea.

Does Back Pain, Lack of Focus, Diabetes, or High Blood Pressure bother you?
Here is a simple but powerful exercise for you.
Come and try the exercise and have teas from all over the world!

  • Bring a yoga mat or blanket, your own Teacup, Patience
  • Time: Wed at 10 am and 5:30 pm

The Wall “For You”

The Arts Center for All has prepared a special space for you to express who you are.

If you are a writer, write about you and your book, if you are an artist, hang your artworks, if you are just a human being, just tell us about you anyway!

The book club & The Library, “Possibilities”

Books open unlimited possibilities. We are humans; we have possibilities. That makes us different from other creatures. Call us and join our book club and visit our unique library!