Our daughter has been taking Japanese language lessons for about three years at The Arts Center For All. It’s her favorite activity of the week. The setting is friendly and welcoming, and the quality of instruction is great. They encourage her to push herself, but also let her learn at her own pace. As a result, she’s made great progress learning this very challenging language while keeping it fun. The small class size is perfect, offering her the chance to get personalized attention while also encouraging interactions with classmates. We feel very lucky to have found The Arts Center For All.

Donna Chun


My son and daughter have been taking music lessons (guitar and piano) at the The Arts Center For All for the past 2 years (now ages 9&6). They both really enjoy their weekly lessons and continue to improve. The teachers are amazing and very sweet with my children. I would highly recommend The Arts Center for anyone interested in learning the arts.

Siri Thomas


We have been with The Arts Center For All since 2012, and their professionalism and expertise in teaching music, dance, art, and language is superb. In particular, piano is our current focus. Through the years, the material has become more advanced, but despite this, we feel that we are supported every step of the way. Summer camps are also a great highlight and they incorporate a wide variety of the arts with lots of fun and friendship along the way. We highly recommend checking them out and seeing for yourself what wonderful experiences you’ll have when you join The Arts Center For All family.

Lia Spina


From the first time I emailed Miss Miyoung she has been incredibly warm, kind and responsive. This is our daughter’s first experience with music lessons and Miss Miyoung has made it so enjoyable for her.
I have been impressed with her dedication to teaching and also with her ability to relate effectively to such a young child.

Miss Miyoung is a one in a million teacher and we feel so lucky to have found her. Even though the rate she quoted us is $140 for four weeks for a 30-minute lesson each week, in reality, there is a second practice session each week, and generally, she spends an hour at each session and not just 30 minutes.

She also provides great feedback and record-keeping of each lesson. She is flexible in her scheduling and communicates with me regularly by email if I am not able to make a lesson (i.e. the babysitter has to bring my daughter).

I can’t say enough good things about this woman and her business and I hope many more people will take their children to her because it is an incredibly valuable experience.

Deborah A.

Charlotte, NC

My daughter has been taking piano lessons at the Arts Center for All since December 2018. Her instruction has been highly effective and she always looks forward to her lesson. She has had the opportunity to play in recitals and in front of judges. In addition to the musical side of the lessons, she has been instructed on presentation and confidence. Music is something that can be enjoyed late in life and I’m so happy she enjoys the Arts Center For All as much as she does and continues to thrive!

Brooke Jones


My daughter has been taking music lessons for several years here. I am impressed by how MiYoung keeps her engaged in the class. Her teacher, MiYoung, always has a positive and very upbeat personality. She has great energy and I find her easy to talk to and very professional.

tzvi Nussbaum


We love The Arts Center for All! My daughter has taken piano there for several years and has learned so much. Along with learning how to play and read music, she has gained tremendous confidence through recitals and performances. The staff are so warm and caring and have several events throughout the year to help us all learn more about music, art, and world cultures. It is a wonderful establishment and I would highly recommend for anyone looking to take up a new craft.

JoAnna Johnson


I feel that this place really cares for the student both during the course of the lesson and after everything is done. Great instructors and they show dedication in teaching and making sure the student is able to follow along well.

Luna HNight


This is a wonderful center. My younger brother went there and learned so much. It was great to see his passions come to life through the help of the instructors at the art school. I strongly recommend.

Antonio Hernandez Blanco


(Translated by Google) Passing, seems to be the language school (Original) 路过,好像可以学校语言

Yi Zhao