Work With Us / Audition

We are willing to make time to meet you if you would like to meet us. Are you responsible, passion-driven, hard worker, an expert in your field?

Do you value your and other people’s time?

The Arts Center for All is growing internationally. If you have a big heart and feel capable to deal with international events, it would be even better.

Qualifications of Teaching Positions and Working with Us

  • Resume, portfolio, performing history, teaching history (As much as you can.)
  • Your concept of teaching music, art, dance, or language (Required)
  • Give your goal or goals for the first 4 months if you teach here or work here. (Required)
  • Let us know how you will contribute to the center. (Required)
  • What can we do for you? (Feel free to ask)
  • We have workshops and training throughout the year that you must participate in.


  • We will start with the average rates in your field and your compensation will go up depending on how much you contribute to the center.


Qualifications for Workshops and Masters Classes

  • Resume, portfolio, and introduction letter (As much as you can.)
  • Your goal and concept of your field (Required)
  • The influence of your or class

Summer Camp Help & Assistance at Events

  • Read the qualifications above and give your information as much as you can.