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Music Composition

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Music History

We welcome Everyone – Children, Seniors, Moms, Dad, Singles, Married and Busy people. Remember you can come here anytime to practice as long as we have rooms available! Remember we are willing to go extra miles to give the review session after your lesson!

Registration fee is $45 per student for any class. Books are not included.
Paid Trial classes – up to 2 times before registration.

Beginner & Intermediate Lesson Tuition

Advanced Lesson Tuition

Special Programs

  • Sight-reading/Ear Training (Aural Training)

    We have this training for all our students after they are able to read music without hesitation. These abilities develop your eyes, ears, and brain fully with good balance.


  • Music Theory
We strongly believe a good knowledge of music theory helps you play richly with great understandings.
Music theory takes from simple terms and symbols to create complicated pieces. These terms and symbols are like the alphabet that you must know to read books.
Every student will learn this must-have, fundamental knowledge to improve their musicality while they are with us. 


  • Music History & Appreciation
Through music history, we learn about great composers, musicians, inspiring hidden stories, and more. All of them help us grow. Everyone loves to listen to good music, but sometimes we hit the wall to express how we feel about the music verbally or in writing.
 In this class, not only will we listen to music but, we will also learn the freedom of speaking and writing accurately with rich words in order to express how we feel about that music.

Private Lessons

Are you looking for teachers who are dedicated to giving lessons only for You? We have the most responsible, passionate teachers here for you.



We are glad to write recommendations for Language students to go to good colleges, apply for jobs, or receive scholarships. However, we will not compromise our standards to write a letter because you take classes with us. When we write a recommendation letter, we must feel proud of you and willing to go the extra mile. We will do anything for you when you show your great efforts and good hearts.


Here are the basic criteria for us to write recommendations for you. When you meet the requirements, we will interview you as well.
1. Take classes for at least one year with us.
2. Show hard work, good attendance, and sincerity. 
3. Test score requirement of 80% or higher- Language class students.


Thank you.
Want To Learn More or Register For A Class?
Please, email us at or call us at 704-362-5597 to register for a class.