The Home of the NFMC Charlotte Dance Festival

Dance Assessment & Scholarship Programs

Intensive Dance Training

This class is for dedicated dancers (Group or Individual)

An Interview Is Required
Registration fee: $45
Tuition: Determined After An Interview

We Focus On:

  • Discipline
  • Strong Body & Mentality
  • Dance Theory
  • Dance History
  • Dance Appreciation
  • Dance Critique

Our Goal:
Be the Strongest Dancers with Great Knowledge and Experiences!

Body + Mind Training

When you connect between your body and mind, you will find true You.

We Focus On:

  • Posture
  • Self-esteem
  • Confidence
  • Connecting Your Body & Mind

Our Goal:
Help you find your strength, and possibilities through dance movements. In this class, you will learn how to stand on your own two feet strongly.

Class Ages:
Children to Adults

Individual Private Class/Private Group Class

Registration: $45

Tuition: Varies according to the training and situation

Dance Class for Non-Dancers

Find out who you are more.

Discover your body, Listen to your heartbeats.
We will see your strength. 



K- POP Dancer Audition


The opportunity is given to dance students of The Arts Center for All first after evaluations.
1. Interview (Strong mentalities, Disciplines)
2. One essay about KPOP Dance

3. One recommendation  (students of The Arts Center for All)
Two recommendations ( Non The Arts Center for All dancers)


K-Pop Dancer Classes

An Interview Is Required

Energetic, Unique, Futuristic, and beyond!
You and we will make our future bright!
        You will be The Dancers!
You can change your future with K-Pop Dance.


*Basic Dance Training- Modern dance, Ballet, Korean traditional dance, and more

*Study Korean culture, music, and Language  to understand Korea

*General music and art education to be good dancers

*Strick disciplines

    Every 4 Weeks:
    Registration fee: $45

    Dance Schedule:
    Middle School
    Friday 4:55 pm – 6:05 pm

    High School – Adults

    Saturday 1:30 pm – 2:50 pm
    Weekly Practice Time with the teachers/director will be told after you sign up.

    Traditional Korean Dance

    Graceful & mysterious with deep breathing techniques.

    Contact us for more information about this class.



    We are glad to write recommendations for you to go to good colleges, apply for jobs, or receive scholarships. However, we will not compromise our standards to write a letter because you take classes with us. When we write a recommendation letter, we must feel proud of you and willing to go the extra mile. We will do anything for you when you show your great efforts and good hearts.


    Here are the basic criteria for us to write recommendations for you. When you meet the requirements, we will interview you as well.
    1. Take classes for at least one year with us.
    2. Show hard work, good attendance, and sincerity. 
    3. Test score requirement of 80% or higher- Language class students.


    Thank you.
    Want To Learn More or Register For A Class?
    Please, email us at or call us at 704-362-5597 to register for a class.