While we are teaching, we meet amazing, amazing students regardless of their ages.

Ru could not see very well at all.
Lin had barely two fingers on her right hand.

Ax could only speak 30% of the average person and could not hear very well.

However, However, they never complained about their obstacles and played the piano. Playing the piano was such a great joy to them!

We are thinking about those students more after the pandemic has changed the world. They had taught us how to deal with our trials. They did not focus on their difficulties, but focus on what they could do. We know you are going through a hard time along with all others, but take one moment and think about them. They do not have a choice not to have their physical obstacles. But they made what they wanted to do.

I feel that this place really cares for the student both during the course of the lesson and after everything is done. Great instructors and they show dedication in teaching and making sure the student is able to follow along well.

Luna HNight