We would like to start off our very 1st blog entry by talking a little bit about our director, Miyoung
Dempsey and how The Arts Center for All (formally known as Music for All) got started in 2009!

Our director, Ms. Miyoung is a very independent Korean woman. Many people might not know but she majored in dance in college, traveled and performed traditional Korean dance as well as ballet & modern dance internationally. Teaching piano has always been a part of her growing up. She has been teaching piano since she was a middle school student in Korea!! It has been her dream to build an educational place where she could teach music & dance, exchange cultures, and create a place for everyone (for All) to learn!!

Miyoung Dempsey with students in a celebration event

After living in Hawaii, Alaska, NY, and New Jersey, Ms. Miyoung found a city to start her business. In 2009 she started a private music studio called “Music for All” in Cotswold Mall in Charlotte NC. (Picture below on the left is from the construction process of Music for All).

As her business slowly grew, her vision to create a unique educational center grew strong. When she finally got a chance to expand her studio, everything started happening like it meant to be. (Picture below on the right is from the construction process of The Arts Center for All).

Construction of Music for All and The Arts Center For All

In early 2014 Finally, The Arts Center for All was completed. The picture shows “The Arts Center for All” sign being placed over the front entrance!!

The center is not a franchise business. It’s a one Korean women’s dream to create a place for ALL to learn and exchange cultures & knowledge. The center is just a year old after the expansion. We are expecting to have more creative events, camps, workshops, recitals, community services and classes in the near future!

We would like to thank all the supportive parents and students
who stay with us no matter what!!

In our blog, we would like to introduce each of our wonderful teachers, students, and parents regularly to showcase their talent and awesomeness!! We hope that you enjoyed our 1st blog entry!!

Thank you for reading and see you soon!

Remodeling of The Arts Center For All