June 20th Saturday We had our first Sushi Workshop here at the center. There were 20 children and adults together. The instructor Ms. Emiko is originally from Japan and she showed three different types of sushi in the workshop. We made three types of roll, one with seaweed outside wrapping the rice and the filling. Another one was “inside out sushi” with rice outside and seaweed inside wrapping the filling. The last one was “Inarizushi” (Sushi rice is stuffed in seasoned Aburaage tofu pouches).


Sushi making can be a form of art if you take time and think about how you want your sushi to look when you cut the roll in the end. You can add colors with different type of veggies and proteins. You can also lay your fillings the certain way so when you cut your roll, you will end up with flower shape in the middle (or any other shapes and designs).

Ms. Emiko also showed how to wrap a to-go box with a piece of fabric. In Japan People wrap gifts and their lunch boxes with a fabric instead of paper wrappers and bags. There are a lot of different ways to wrap different items. It is visually satisfying and reusable!!

A lot of people has requested for another Sushi workshop so we are planning to have one in the near future!!!


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