We had a great recital at the Festival in the Park on September 27th! Festival in the Park has been one of the biggest festivals in Charlotte. This year was our 4th year performing in the festival. Despite of the rainy weather, our recital turned out well. Our students and their parents spent their time practicing and preparing for their performance. It all paid off! It was great to see them showing what they have been working for quite a while.

Girl and teacher singing at The Arts Center for All Recital

We also had Conner and Adam (members of Origami USA) performing to fold a giant Origami into a dove while our new violin teacher Viktoria played a wonderful tune. Conner and Adam are currently working on their Origami project and they will be in the Thanksgiving parade on the day of the Thanksgiving this year with their Origami doves!

We had a great day at the festival. We thank all the students and their families for the support! Also we appreciate all our teachers for providing their time and effort to our students.
Thank you!

[h2]Enjoy more photos of this wonderful recital![/h2]

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