Hi, It is Miyoung. People call me Ms. Miyoung, and I am the director of the Arts Center for All.
Today, I would like to share my fingernail stories. Since I play and teach the piano, I have never never had long fingernails except for the last several weeks. Of course, no my students could have longer fingernails at all. However, this time I let my nails grow. I wanted to try to have a nice looking hand with long nails. Since we were not able to have students at the center due to the COVID 19, and they would not see my nails on FaceTime, I challenged myself!

After taking pictures of my nails today, I cut them.. wow.. I felt great! No more!!
I had the best of the best hairdresser when I was in college. She threatened me I could not come back to her shop if I would not have longer nails. She was deadly serious! She hated my short nails and such small hands!

So I did it for 2 weeks, but that’s all… I could not do it anymore!

I feel that this place really cares for the student both during the course of the lesson and after everything is done. Great instructors and they show dedication in teaching and making sure the student is able to follow along well.

Luna HNight