Our Stories


Hi, I am Miyoung Kim, The president of The Arts Center for All. We would like to start sharing our stories memories with you. The journey will make you and us strong and wise.

Here is our story number 1. It is about me.

I started keeping a diary when I was in 5th grade. Because simply my teacher would give a big punishment if I had not. Yes, I started like that.
However, It became my best habit ever in my life. Since the 5th grade, I have never skipped a day to do that.
Do you know what I believe now? “Your diary is the best textbook for you.”



Hi, everyone! Here is our second story.

Our second story is about my music teacher from middle school to high school.
I went to the same private school and he was there to teach us mostly. The best-describing adjectives for him are “The craziest, scariest.”
Our classmates were not afraid of math or English tests, but music tests.
Almost every single class, we had a test to memorize Italian musical terms, and music theory. If we had not done well, we got punished very seriously.

So, Miyoung, The excellent student(?), worked hard not to get trouble. She thought she never needed to study them anymore after the high school. Miyoung thought she would have Freedom! Oh, well it was just a dream. Since College, I have been teaching music no matter where I go.

He truly brainwashed me with all music terms and theory that they come out of my mouth automatically. I am very grateful that he tried his best to deliver the knowledge to us.
Also, do you know what I am very thankful? His “Love”!!
No matter how scary he apparently looked like, I always felt His Love for us!!
It is truly Priceless and Beyond!!



This Music institute (The Arts Center for All) is dedicated to my parents.
My mom sings 24/7. She is naturally talented and loves music. I tell everyone that my mom has influence on me musically more than anyone in the world. She was the living record player. My dad never sings and hates music. I have heard my dad sing only two times in my entire life. I do believe everyone can sing beautifully, but my dad needs serious vocal trainings. Although my parents have very different ideas about music and arts, they always inspire me to live up to my life no matter how difficult life could be.

As a young girl, learning piano was one of the biggest trials I needed to face. My dad did not want me to learn the instrument. I hid my piano books behind my back and went to the piano school rain or shine without his approval. It sounds like my dad was mean person, but I am thankful that he was against me very strongly. After all, my dad made me strong. The more he said “No” to me, the more I wanted. Oh well, few years later he bought my first piano. I taught how to play the piano to my mom with the piano!

Here is one more big issue that I made my dad extremely upset. He could not believe what he heard from my mouth. I said I would major in dance not music. I was in middle school. Of course, I loved music and piano, but I knew with all my heart dance would be the one. More than you can imagine, my parents, especially my dad was shocked to death. To make a long story short, I was top of the class when I got in the college. Ever since I have danced and taught piano everywhere I go. My dad is peaceful with me now.

My mom and dad, oh I cannot be thankful enough. All their great examples have never been wasted. One of the greatest examples they have showed to me was learning habits and desires. Several years ago, my mom decided to learn computer. It was a big challenge to her for a while. However, she made that and now she is able to use the computer freely. She sends email and downloads new songs off the internet. About my dear dad, he always uses his dictionary to find new words that he is not sure about. He writes several times to write the words correctly. Also, he is such a big thinker. My dad gets up at 2 am and thinks. I grew up watching him like that all the time. So do I too.

In spring 2009, opening a new music studio was a big risk. Including the USA, the world economic situation was one of the worst in the history. People even compared the situation to the Great Depression. But, I knew I must open my music studio. I thought about my parents how they had overcome their trials when times were tough as entrepreneurs. In fall 2013, once again I thought in my parents again to make a decision whether I needed to expand the space. I made a right decision and here I am. I have learned how to make a right decision from my dad: Wake up at 2AM and think very seriously.

Thank you, Mom and Dad!

The Director of The Arts Center for All formerly known Music for All,

Miyoung Kim

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